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OMS KIds roll

Education and preventative care in young persons' development



By educating children and their parents 

about injury prevention,  

and an outstanding personalised approach 

to each of our patients, 

we can demonstrate to a wider audience 

that we can not only treat injuries in a different, better way 

but also stop a lot of them from happening in the first place.

the problem 

Sports and being active are popular again and nothing would make me happier if it weren't for the number of sport injuries in children I see in my surgery. 

These injuries are usually caused by the lack of awareness of what's vital for a healthy, safe and successful training.

I also see children and teenagers suffering from various issues, characteristic of developmental age caused by sparse or complete lack of physical activity, so common in 21 century.


It spurred me on to action. 

I've decided to create and run an educational programme for kids, and their parents about how to stay active, safe and, healthy during their developmental age.

the solution

I could write a book, run presentations and training sessions but I was missing a tool that proved  very successful in preventing sport injuries in adult athletes - a muscle roller. 

Simple to use, inexpensive and effective. But adult foam rollers were too hard for children. I knew I would need to come up with one that is suitable for children (6+ year old). A year later a brand new, OMS Kids Roll was introduced.

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