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education & preventive care


This series of ACL dedicated books is a result of years of experience, hundreds of cases and some very successful collaborations.


BK21 Sports Medicine

Clinical approach to sports medicine: lower limb, pelvis, & spine

Ready-made treatment regimens of the most common injuries of the lower limb, pelvis and spine. Protocols are made and used by Orto Med Sport Clinic in Łódź, Poland.


BK21 Injections

Conservative and  prophylactic treatment for overload and degenerative changes.

Coming out in February 2021

Leczenie zachowawcze i operacyjne urazó

BK21 Knee Joint

Conservative and surgical treatments 

Practical approach, innovative and ready-made protocols of conduct developed based on hundreds of validated scales and MRI diagnostics.



Rehabilitation Protocol

Tackling ACL, the most frequently injured anatomical structure in the knee-joint, BK21 Rehabilitation Protocol is based on years of clinical research and rehabilitation practice. This unique, aggressive, yet safe and very effective, approach allows a full recovery and return to professional sport in 4 to 5 months.




Success and health in a nutshell

I believe that through educating children about injury prevention and my outstanding personalised approach to each patient I can demonstrate to a wider audience that I can not only treat injuries in a different, better way but also stop a lot of them from happening in the first place.


Active kids

How to be a healthy athlete

The Motywatorki book is all about having fun while being active and enjoying different sports. It is aimed at children and includes colouring pages.

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Injury prevention

How to avoid injuries

This injury prevention brochure is aimed at both parents and coaches. It focuses on warm up exercises and recovery techniques that help preventing  sport injuries.

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Recovery in sport

Rolek & Bolek - recovery heroes

Coming up soon!

The latest children book - Rolek and Bolek show kids how to be active, safe and enjoy sport and have fun while doing so.

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