Sports and being active are popular again and nothing would make me happier if it weren't for the number of sport injuries in children I see in my surgery. These injuries are usually caused by the lack of awareness of what's vital for a healthy, safe and successful training. 

It spurred me on to action. I've decided to run an educational programme for kids on how to be a healthy athlete. 

I could write a book, run presentations and training sessions but I was missing a tool that proved very effective in preventing sports injuries in adult athletes - a muscle roller. Simple to use, inexpensive and effective. But adult foam rollers were too hard for children. I knew I would need to come up with one that is suitable for children (6+ year old). A year later a brand new, OMS Kids Roll has been introduced. 

Until today it is still the only foam roller designed specially for children.

revolutionary training app for patients

After years of treating my patients' injuries, observing their rehabilitation, and working with my physiotherapists I wanted to  create a mobile application which would allow people to train safely anywhere. 

An app that would account for patients' injuries and prescribe a personalised rehabilitation training programme.

An app that would combine the knowledge of an orthopaedic specialist and a physiotherapist.

That's how OrtoMedSport App was born.


I've created this simple free app to accompany the OMS foam rollers.

Among other functions, it demonstrates rolling techniques, allows users to find the nearest qualified trainer as well as sign up for the OMS Roll Academy training.

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