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A mobile rehabilitation and medical centre, complete with full diagnostic and rehabilitation facilities, capable to provide complete medical and diagnostic assistance to athletes  during competitions and training camps.

Recovery bus provides

  • a hyperbaric chamber

  • a lymphatic drainage CarePump

  • a wellness center

  • the care of a doctor and physiotherapist

  • a portable ultrasound (on-site diagnostics possible)

  • ice bath

  • Orthokine plasma therapy

  • viscosupplementation

  • a Physiolab cooling system

  • shock wave therapy

  • Compex electrostimulation

  • Hypervolt fascia massage

  • manual therapy, acupuncture, clavitherapy

  • hirudotherapy

  • protein shakes

  • Bodyflow electrostimulation

  • drip infusions

  • BK Biotic, Arthro Biotic

  • OMSRoll rollers

  • a portable ECG

  • an AED

  • a centrifuge, an incubator

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