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Sport has always been a part of my life and my passion just as great as medicine and surgery.

I strongly believe in the importance of a holistic approach to the treatment of my patients.

That's why I choose to be involved in all aspects of their journey: from the injury diagnosis and treatment through recovery, and  and education about the injury prevention.

At my Lodz clinic, BK Tower, I work closely with my physiotherapists and trainers and monitor my patients' progress until they are fully recovered and ready to get back in the game. 


I believe that rehabilitation is the key to a successful and safe return to full health fitness.

My patients start rehabilitation training as soon as 36 hours after some of the  surgeries (e.g. ACL reconstruction).


First, in the controlled environment of my specially designed gym, under a watchful eye of highly qualified physiotherapists, taking advantage of the state-of-the-art equipment.

Then, moving on to a tailored personal training, designed to re-introduce a sportsperson to their discipline after a long break, injury or rehabilitation. To get them back in the game in the fastest possible way without compromising their health. 


My Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists and I meet with the patients on a pitch, running track or a court. We watch their every move ensuring they are working on their technique and effectiveness of all exercises. Under our watchful eye, not a minute of my patients' valuable training time is wasted.


I personally make sure that everyone involved in patients' return to the game is highly knowledgeable in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, nutrition, and specialises in sports training.


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